Welcome to the Green Garden from Foxtrot Breedables!

What is the green garden? It is a breedable GARDEN, you can breed any plant to any other plant to produce offspring. Colors can pass down through generations, new flowers, and plants can be found, and hidden flowers can be unlocked with very specific breeding choices! So try to keep track of what you’re doing to know what you’ve done to find it!


These are some of the questions we have gotten the first day!

What do these plants need?

They need you, and their compost bin. Flowers can be watered from their options menu. When you do so you earn a COMPOST point! When they are ready to breed, you can breed them. They can simply be used for decoration if you like as well.

What if I forget to water it will it die?

No, your green garden plant will only grow, it will not wither or die if it isn’t watered. Watering for points is an optional thing.

How do I breed it?

When your two plants are age five and they have pink hover text you will need an empty seed (green). You MUST have a compost bin rezzed out for this to work. Once you know your compost bin is out, and your two plants are ready you can set out an empty seed. Click each of the plants and select BREED from their menus. Their baby will be put into the seed, and it will change color to either BLUE (for male) or PINK (For Female)

What are compost points?

Compost points are points you earn for watering your plants or sending your plants to the compost bin (deleting them).

What do I do with Compost points?

You can spend them at our Compost Point Vendors (COMING SOON) on seeds, potions, plants, and planters!

How many spots are in the planter?

Round – 7

Tiered -9

Tall -5

Small -6

Medium -10

Large – 14

My plant says it’s in a garden but the planter shows 0 plants installed?

This can happne with region restarts and rolling restarts and even if you just accidentally pick up your planter. In your flowers OPTIONS menu select OUT of Garden, then you can put it back into a garden you like.

How do I install plants in the garden?

Click your planter and select MAKE ACTIVE from the menu, this will show yellow hover text over your planter or garden. Edit your flower into the position you want your flower to be in and then click the plant, select OPTIONS, and select Add to the garden. Your hover text should show the increase in plants. You can then click your Planter or garden and select MAKE INACTIVE to turn off the hover text.