Utopia Skye grid is the official home of Foxtrot Breedables in open sim! Currently, only the Bun-E Rabbit is available in a NON-Databased form.

CAUTION: These scripts only work on Y engine sims. If your region in USG is equipped for Hypergrid, please note these pets will not function!

Bun-E Rabbits in Utopia Skye Grid

Bunnies in Utopia Skye Grid have many of the same functions as their SL counterparts.

They breed, they have passion, and they have rejuvination potions. They don’t eat, get sick, or die.

What do they not have? A web interface, ID numbers, database counts, or afterlife 🙁

Making a move back to open sim was not easy. Sebastien had to think long and hard about this, and what would be our offering. Ultimately he decided that he would return with the Bun-E on a non database platform.

Bun-E Facts

  • Bun-E are ready to breed at age five.
  • Bun-E Breed for 30 Days.
  • Bun-E Do not get sick, do not die, and do not eat.

What is required?

  • Bun-E Home Hutch (for rezzing starters, nests, and breeding)
  • Empty Nests (only if breeding)
  • Potions (only if you wish to)

How will I know when my Bun-E is ready to breed?

After Age five if you look in your bun-E’s menu you’ll see a BREED button.
(If you do not your bunny may be too young, or has already bred and is recovering)

Breed visible in the bottom left corner means a bun can breed to an empty nest.

Do they turn pink like the ones in SL?

No, they do not.

How do I breed my Bun-E rabbit?

Bunnies do not breed on their own, you will need an empty Nest Bag to breed with.
Place your empty nest bag down beside your bunnies.
Click the Parents in any order and select BREED from their menus. Their names will go onto the bag, and the hutch will put a baby inside. You will then see stats above the bag. This means you can Rez the baby OR sell the bag to a fellow breeder here in USG.

The parents are then exhausted until they recover, Males in 48 hours Females in 96 hours.

This bun-e Is exhausted and cannot breed yet.

How do I know if my Pet is Rare or not?

Unfortunately, you won’t. These pets run internally and not on a database there’s no way to know how many total are on the grid or how many of what type. For that we’re sorry.

What do I price my Bun-E At to sell?

Foxtrot breedables cannot help you price your pets; we don’t control the secondary market, you yourself will have to price them, but baseline prices are G$50 for each pet so we recommend that as your bottom. With LEs the bottom is G$100. Price accordingly.

Do the USG Bun-E stop breeding?

Yes, at age 30 they are considered RETIRED.

The breed button is replaced with RETIRED when a bun-E retires. You can rejuvenate a bunny to set its age to 0 again to breed if you desire to!

What is a Passion Potion?

A passion potion can make any bunny ages 5-29 days old ready to breed instantly if they are not ready to breed yet.

What is a Rejuv Potion?

A rejuvenation potion will make any pet of any age age 0 again. They will age up and be able to breed once more, this is handy for retired pets you wish to keep breeding.

If I need help what do I do?

Sometimes our buns don’t act right, and that’s okay. Sebastien is always available, but he may not always be online to ping his phone please fill out the support ticket at this URL and he will get back with you asap! we pride ourselves on our quick response time for tickets, your USG ticket is very important and will go into the FLOW with the second life tickets, a CSR will inform me and I will come here. He will always fix an issue, or at least make it right.

SUPPORT: https://forms.gle/4Eopb8ZQC1gf3b6y8

Do you have a CSR for USG?

Yes, you can reach out to Sebastien leLivre or SilenzZzz Mistwalker directly. (that said it’s far easier to get our attention through a support ticket.

Can we do auctions or open our own marketplace in USG?

Anyone who would like to do an auction is welcome to, likewise, if you wish to open a marketplace you can do that to you don’t need my permission but I’m always glad to come to take a peek!

What is Utopia Skye Grid?

You can find more information here: UTOPIA SKYE GRID