Welcome to Foxtrot Breedables Classified Beacons! 

What is a classified beacon?

It’s a way to list your foxtrot pets/plants for sale! 

How much does it cost? 

Beacons are NO COPY/NO MOD and are 10L each, including your first-week listing.

Where would people see those listings at?

On the Beacons Page

How does it work? 

Once the beacon is rezzed, and you place a Foxtrot with a VALID ID number on the top, you can click the device for its menu. 

The menu has a few buttons:

All listings: This is the leading classified page showing you all pets using a beacon.

Renewal: Toggle the automatic renewal flag between on and off. (renewal allows for auto debiting if you wish to let your listings keep going)

Allow DEBIT: Tells the system to request DEBIT perms from the owner. (Only to be used on recurring listings (L$5) and the start of new listings (L$10) ) 

List Pet: The user can list a classified ad for the pet above the beacon.

Sizing: Allows for the resizing of a beacon.

Note: Users who select “Allow DEBIT” should follow up with “Allow access” on the following permission request dialog.

After debits are allowed, the user menu is:

Renewal – as above

Sizing – as above


If you select List Pet, you will initially see a dialog indicating the listing cost (free (first time) or L$5) and the renewal cost or a message saying it will not renew.

You are then asked if you wish to list the pet, with a Yes/No option set.

Once the pet is listed, the available dialog menu becomes:

Renewal – as above

Stop Listing – when selected, will cancel the current pet listing manually. (No refund for stopped listings)  

Sizing – as above