Sebastien le Livre


Legacy name (Streex Foxtrot)

Sebastien started Foxtrot breedables in 2017 with a dream of a breedable that didn’t eat, get sick or die, and the creation of the first Funny Ferret happened. Since 2017 Seb has worked harder to promote inclusive breeding, and released 8 different breedable pets.

He is currently working on the GREEN GARDEN. Green garden is a hobby garden breedable that will release in the summer of 2022.

Sebastien is not only a coat designer, but a back-end web developer, graphic designer, and lead customer service for the company. He is the final say in all decisions.

Raven Callisto le Livre LEAD COAT DESIGNER

Legacy Name: Raven Callisto

Raven is Seb’s Wife in Second life together they share two daughters Charleigh and Elenore.

Raven is the lead Coat designer for Foxtrot breedables and makes MOST of the coats and textures you see on the grid, sometimes with Seb’s help.

While she does try to be helpful when she can, she is not a customer service representative

Red Kitten Mistwalker Customer Service

Legacy Name: Misky Xaron

Red has been with Foxtrot Breedables for a long time, she’s an avid bunny breeder and animal lover. She runs a Real Life Pet rescue called Red Kitten Rescue. She’s happy to help with your customer service needs.

SilencezZzz Mistwalker Customer service

What can we say about this cool cat? He’s great, always helpful and chipper, and happy to help you with any questions you might have.