Foxtrot Breedables Code of Conduct

Rules will be enforced as of 6/1/2022

 Main Sim, Coral Rainbow. 

Foxtrot breedables community guidelines will follow second life’s community guidelines. We will enforce our guidelines as we see fit on the main sim. 

  1. The use of derogatory or demeaning language or images based on race, ethnicity, gender, religion, or sexual orientation is prohibited. Actions that marginalize, belittle, or defame users or groups are similarly prohibited.  
  2. Harassment can take many forms. Communicating or behaving in a manner that is offensively coarse, intimidating, threatening, or causes annoyance or alarm is not allowed. 
  3. Disturbing the Peace on Coral Rainbow, herein known as the MAIN SIM, will not be tolerated. Examples of prohibited attempts to disturb the peace include, but are not limited to: 
    1. Spamming local chats
    2. Spawning items that spam particles or noise. 
    3. Posting chat logs locally without the permission of all parties
    4. Flaming, hostile, or disruptive posts intended to incite a response or encourage others to act inappropriately. 

Note: You will be held responsible for any actions taken by, or caused by objects or scripts that belong to, you or your account.   

These rules are established for: 

Marketplace at Coral Rainbow. 

1. Be kind to each other, if you do not wish to talk with someone then you do not have to. Blocking and Muting people for your own protection is allowed by Linden Lab’s terms of service. If you cannot say something kind to someone else, please do not speak to them at all. The staff of Foxtrot Breedables cannot mitigate all interpersonal interactions.  

2. You can have a total of 5 market spaces rented in any combination, but you may only rent 1 PADDOCK.

3. No floating or animated signage. Keep your decor and animals inside the constraints of the rental. No wider, longer, or taller than existing structures. We will return items HIGHER than the buildings with no warning. (no particle emitters other than the ones that come from the foxtrot themselves)

4. If you have a location rented, have something set for sale in it. if your stall is empty of products for sale for more than 48 hours staff will contact you and later the stall will be reset and released, after a refund if one is available to you, if there is no response. (if you wish to let go of your stall earlier, mark it as will not renew and we will refund you the difference) Foxtrot breedables do not wish to profit if you are not using the space. 

5. Rentals must be paid on time, if your stall is overdue for 48 hours or more we will reset the stall and return your pets/objects to you. We do our best to IM you to remind you that your stall needs paying but we cannot know if the messages are capped or not, so please make sure you are responsible for your payment and keeping up on your rental time. Ultimately the CUSTOMER is responsible for payments.

6. We do not tell you what to sell your foxtrot breedables pets/plants for. but make sure you are happy with the price that YOU are selling them for. This is a free market, meaning anyone can set their prices for whatever they wish, if you feel that someone’s prices are too low, purchase those products and resell them yourself, the company will not MANAGE to price. 

7. No Voice Chat on the sim. Voice Chat will be available only during auctions when they start back up but we will not be keeping it on all the time.

These rules are established for

BidBoards at Coral Rainbow. 

  1. 3 Pets per bid board panel
  2. 2 bid boards per person at a time. 
  3. 100L minimum starting bid for each panel 
  4. NO DECOR / AD signage at all (they will be returned without warning)
  5. Overdue panels will be released immediately and pets returned. 
  6. Panels with NO PETS and the Auction OVER, or NO SALE panels will be reset without warning. 


Customers are responsible for bid board transactions. CSRs and Sebastien will not be “Chasing” people down to complete your sales. 

(repeated use of bid boards without completion of transactions will result in Termination of the use of the bid boards.)

These rules are established for

The Foxtrot Breeadbles official Second Life Group, Foxtrot Breeadbles Adveristing Club, and Official Foxtrot Discord group:

  1. Respect Sebastian, & the CSRs. Blocking the Seb and/or the CSRs will result in a ban from the discord.
  2. Respect one another, please do not fight.
  3. Racism, Sexism, Transphobia, Homophobia, etc are NOT permitted.
  4. The Discord server is, in general, PG-13, places that are NSFW will be labeled 18+
  5. No spamming please keep multi posts to a minimum.
  6. In general, follow Wheaton’s Law (Wheaton’s Law is an internet axiom that states “Don’t be a dick.” It was originally used in the context of sportsmanship in online gaming but its scope was eventually expanded to apply to life in general.)
  7. Sexual Harassment of any member at any time will not be tolerated.
  8. Server-wide concerns go DIRECTLY to Sebastian. If it is deemed appropriate changes can be made and announcements will be put forth.
  10. This discord is Drama-FREE if you are caught engaging in, starting, or perpetuating drama, you will be banned for the safety of our remaining members. (This is a VERY subjective rule and its enforcement is up to Sebastien.)
  11. We know how our system works and what is possible. If you tell us something APPEARS to have happened and we suggest it may be something else, fighting us on what we know will not endear you to us, we want to help you, but you have to want to get the help too. The customer can’t always be right in this case. Sometimes it’s just not something you (As the customer) can control. We (Sebastien and the scripter) Have the final say on what things DO and DO not happen within our system.


Foxtrot Breedables is always open to feedback. If you have concerns about rules, please let us know, and we will discuss them internally. We may or may not change rules based on customer feedback, but we can’t know what you do and don’t like without you telling us. 

Keep in mind that FOXTROT BREEDABLES is NOT a democracy. If Sebastian or CSRs make a ruling, it is to be followed. The decisions may only be overturned by someone of a higher rank.  ( When in doubt speak to Streex Foxtrot in world.) 

 Attempting to circumvent or deny a disciplinary action will move the action directly to Sebastien who will handle it subjectively based on the evidence presented to him.

Disciplinary Action.


2. Placed on Suspended ROLE on in world chat, and discord, and removed from the main sim for 48 hours

3. Removed from Chat, The main sim, and discord for 1 week

4. Banned from the Foxtrot Breedables official groups, Discord, and the main sim.

Disciplinary action is at SEBASTIEN’S discretion, and if he feels he needs to SKIP DISCIPLINARY action he will.