Foxtrot Breedables use GENERATIONS to pass new coats/species into the system and help you grow your pets. Let’s see how breeding with generations works:

Today we are going to use 3 Horses. Two horses are Gen 22, and one horse is a gen 7. Let’s say you’re trying to breed to push traits to a baby 😀 let’s see what we can manage 😀

The thing to note here is The mane man and Hermioneigh are direct siblings, they have the same parents. Hot to trot is just another horse that has a MANE I would like to pass to the offspring to match the coat of the other two. So while we are breeding we’re gonna see what happens when we breed this as a breeding pod.

Hot To Trot (Gen 7) The Mane Man (Gen 22) and Hermioneigh (Gen 22)

Generations work by Climbing up from the lowest Gen. If the two pets have the SAME generation it will just ad one generation to it.

After Breeding The Mane Man and Hermioneigh, I got a Mare named Maple Stirrup.

This is a gen 23 horse! We can see by her stats she has a rainforest coat with a luxe mane, a pure copy of her parents. we know she at least pulled size from daddy 😀

NOW, if we were to breed The Mane Man (Gen 22) To Hot To Trot (Gen 7) we’re going to get a gen 8 Baby, that I hope has daddy’s coat and mommy’s mane.

What I got was Horsen Arround (Gen 8) which did not in fact pass the mane and coat to the baby, but this baby is now set to pass to its children. She did pull hard from daddy 😀

Now, why did I get a Gen 8 if daddy is a gen 22? Because we Climb generations based on the LOWEST gen parent. We understand that it’s frustrating to breed a high gen parent to a low gen parent when passing traits to get offspring that have matching manes and coats, but this is the fairest way we found to handle generational leaping.