Green Garden Update: Compost bin V22.072

We are updating the compost bins to Version 22.072

Compost bin V22.072

This update will have:

  1. corrections for stems in hibiscus plant (those that will be born in the future not those already on the grid)
  2. new flowers for the main starter kits (these are not currently on and you won’t find them yet, we need to make sure 90% of the compost bins out there are updated before we turn those on, we’ll keep you updated on what these are and where they come from)
  3. Functionality for the Pretty Pumpkins kit (to be released at a later date in October)
  4. Minor bug fixes

Pretty Pumpkins!

Coming in October to Green Garden will be our Pretty Pumpkins starter kit! Start with your little squashed baby and see what kind of beautiful pumpkins they make!

Pretty Pumpkin starter pumpkin

Also Coming soon: Sprinkler Planter

Sprinkler 20 Slot Planter with animations

What is the difference between a garden and a planter?
A garden has weed functionality a planter does not.

No weeds?
No we wanted to make a low lag low prim option for people who want it

Does it animate?
We are working on that now so that when you “Water all” on your compost bin these will shoot a small particle of water.

Can I turn that animation off?
No, it only animates once a day for 5-10 seconds, it would have taken a compost bin rework to change this and this is just one option with animation I’ll make sure we have options without animations too.

Is there sound?
No, these will not make noise.

I don’t know, but I hope soon.

How much will this cost?
We are getting custom particle animations made, but they don’t have weeding, so we will probably have these in the 500 to 600L range due to how many flowers they hold at one time.

Thanks guys!

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