Foxtrot Alpacas

What you need to know before release:

Q: When are they coming out?

A: I still do not have a date, I have what I consider to be Alpha scripting in my possession, but I have to test it; we should know by the 21st what the release date will be.

Q: How long do the Alpaca breed for?

A: 60 Days

Q: How long is recovery after breeding?

A: 48 Hours for both Males and Females

Q: How many Males to a Female?

A: 1 Male to 1 Female

Q: How many traits will there be?

A: We have built-in lots of traits, but you start with Coat, Eye, and Mane.

Q: Will the Home object update like the green garden one?

A: Yes

Q: The home object has a reset button?

A: Yes, sometimes SL stops the home object from communicating with pets/nests, so we have added a Reset button to reset it without getting a new one in the event it acts up.

Q: What potions are available?

A: Passion, Rejuvenation, and Sex Change

Q: The Home object has an update pet button; what is that?

A: Should we ever need to update the pets, we can; this allows for all pets to be updated from the home object in a single click, it will let you know when things are in process and if it’s working once it’s done it will let you know how many pets have been updated.

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