Sebastien leLivre – Medical Leave

Hey all,

I wanted to inform you all that I am going in for a double mastectomy on Friday. I did not know it would be this soon, but we are confirmed, and I have to be there at 10:45 AM Eastern tomorrow.

The need for surgery is a culmination of different factors. Breast cancer runs in my family, and my risk factors are high as someone assigned female at birth. After genetic testing, I have a mutation of a gene called NF2, which can make tumors on nerves. With these factors, the doctors recommended a double mastectomy.

As a transmasculine individual, I stated that I would feel better if my chest was not blank. I am getting a masculine reconstruction.

Know that I will not be available Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. I will try my hardest to ensure I can be online Monday, but again, I will have to take things slow and make that determination when the time arrives.

Please lean on the CSRs; they will be able to help you with almost everything. If you need support, please fill out the support form. I’ve made it much easier for you to use it, and it should help speed up the response.

Know that I go into surgery with all of you in my heart. I care so much about you guys, and I’m here to continue working with my team to build a better breedable for all.

Your support is welcome. Thank you for being part of my family.

Sebastien leLivre AKA Streex Foxtrot Foxtrot breedables Secondlife

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