It’s here, and I’m sending out kits to those who signed up, sign-ups are FULL. Don’t IM me about your kit, I will get to you in due time. If your name was submitted you will be included. We’re sending them out in batches. So bear with me 😀

The details:

I know you’re asking “Why just one plant?” well we know our breeding system works, it currently functions on all our pets, what we are testing here is watering plants from the plant and the compost bin, and the functionality of the round planter. We’re also testing our Traits page to ensure things that are recessive genes in some of the plants are not shown to the public.

Point Values: Weeding 2 points per weed Object that you click.

Watering: 1 point per plant per day for watering.

What do beta testers get out of this?

A round planter that if it needs updating will update via the servers, and points. Points for watering their plants and weeding their planters. They will also get to keep their red rose as long as things look to progress well on the back side for point acquisition. This is a huge step in getting us ready for release! I’m so excited that if this goes well we’re looking at the 1st or second week in July for a full-blown release. So keep up the good work beta testers!

What is going to keep them from getting ahead of the people who can only get it at release?

We struggled with this question. I’m going to be absolutely honest. The main thing that’s happened in the past is the beta testers got a GENERATIONAL JUMP ahead of everyone. With Green Garden, we didn’t want that. So Beta testers have a plant that will be ready to breed at release but all beta plants are MALE. So there will be no generation 2 plants on day one. Beta testers will still have to age up a female plant to get it ready to breed with their males.

This keeps EVERYTHING as even as possible. They get some Compost points for their work and the planter and a plant that will not make as many babies as the release plants because they’ll still have to wait 5 days after release to breed them. I hope this was a solution to accommodate everyone.

Feel free to IM me in-world with your feedback.



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