Green Garden and Beta Testing

I think I have developed a way to do a MILD beta test. I wanted your opinion on it. Let you think about it, get some feedback, and we can go from there.

I think I’ll give everyone a single Green Garden plant. One compost bin and a round planter. This way, you can play with Connecting and Disconnecting a plant. You can work on watering and how that works, and I can get a little feedback on how you “SEE” it working in order to make better choices.

That should help me write better help text and see what breeders like and don’t like about it. No one is BREEDING way in advance of others (because we will not be putting SEEDS out there), but they get some compost points out of it for playing with a plant and how it works and watching it grow. So thoughts? Breeding isn’t changing from how it works with other pets. Click mom click dad select BREED near an empty object so there’s no need to test this bit, we know it WORKS.

Please feel free to send feedback in-world to Streex Foxtrot Via notecard.

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