Wonkey Donkey Tiger Coats

Dropping into Generation 11 are Tiger coats for Wonkey donkey. Aren’t they cute?! Def a change from our Zebras and Zonkeys, look at those dark stripes and bright vibrant colors!

Vendors: All Pets now have the option for SINGLE NEST (Egg/Nest/Basket) and Potion vending. Just need one? That’s great, one and done.

Green Garden Compost Point vendors are now LIVE! Please note Compost Points and Afterlife points cannot be combined. Green garden points only work on Green Garden Point vendors, afterlife points only work on the pet specified in the point values. If you aren’t sure if you have points or not please check your hud or check in with a CSR to see how many points you have.

We had a meeting the other night and a few of the talking points were taken care of above. Single product vendors, done. Compost point vendors for Green Garden, done. So there was very little else we talked about, except for us looking forward to spoonfuls of sugar near Labor Day and our excitement to release the next expansion of the green garden to the public.

If you have any questions please feel free to fill out a support ticket (top of the page here) or IM me in-world my user name is Streex Foxtrot.

Thanks all!

Sebastien le Livre

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