Foxtrot Q&A Cute n’ Cuddly Panda

I want to thank everyone who attended the meeting and posed insightful questions. Now, let’s explore those questions in more detail. 

  1. Those with rares won’t lose them when this is all back and running?
    1. LEs are Not transferred, meaning we cannot take possession of them to do a return.
  2. Are we still looking at a few months?
    1. This question concerns a release date. We are in heavy testing right now, so the release will be perfect. We just want you to know we’re working as hard as we can to get the product to a stable point before we set a release date. That said, it shouldn’t be more than a few months if that. 
  3. How or what will be done with LEs of old coats and such?
    1. See Question 1. 
  4. How will old food and other items be handled?
    1. We cannot replace Food, Cute Credits, or Tonics.
  5. What about the mammoths and other CnC animals?
    1. Foxtrot owns all four CnC Properties: the Panda, the Mammoth, the Rabbit, and the Wolf. 
  6. How much will they cost?
    1. CNC properties will be released as premium pets. Breeding costs 150L each, and potions cost 300L each. A starter kit will consist of 2 pandas at 150L each and a mating basket at 150L. Starter kits (450L$) 
  7. I would like to ask about the static/animated modes. Can we switch between them?
    1. Animesh models are 22 Prims. When put into static mode, the pandas are 3 prims. Static mode also lowers the script count.  You can switch between these states as you see fit with no payment or penalty. 
  8. Is there a way to see which old ones (pandas) we have and then choose the ones we want back?
    1. We will return everything to you from your database holdings that we can see; we will replace whatever CRADLES and LIVES you give us (as subject to a cross-reference in your database; if it’s already there, you’ll only get one back). If you do not wish to keep pandas, you may go to the afterlife for points. 
  9. Will there be some new designs and markings?
    1. Yes! Moving to the new foxtrot system based on generations will play a key role in rolling out new textures and traits. As you climb up in a generation, as your panda’s babies and their babies have babies, you will find TONS more new traits in the system.
  10. I did these pandas before. If I am right, did these pandas ever disappear, and then you couldn’t get them back? Is that true?
    1. I can’t answer to anything that happened before. I can say this: if our system says you own a panda, it will be returned to you, and any panda you provide us will be rebuilt. We’ll fix it, and we’ll make it right. 
  11. What about those who lost their pandas back before the rabbits came out? They just vanished. Can you restore them? Or would it be a start again?
    1. See the answer to Question 10. 
  12. so Foxtrot is the new owner and only owner now?
    1. The controlling interest belongs to Rock Rose Designs, which in Secondlife does business as (DBA) Foxtrot Breedables. A.J. McWilliams, aka Streex Foxtrot, owns Rock Rose Designs. 
  13. Will we get the same textures as our old ones (pandas)?
    1. Old Pandas will be rezzed with their old textures with the letters NPT on the front of all the traits. Those traits will be NON PASSING TRAITS. 
  14. Are there any traits from the old pandas that will pass, or will they all be NPT non-passable?
    1. No traits from the previous iterations of CNC pandas will pass; all old traits will be labeled as NPT. 
  15. Do we have suggested prices for them to be sold?
    1. While Foxtrot does not infringe on the secondary market, we have a few bits of advice. When you get a panda from Foxtrot or breed out a panda, your investment has been a flat 150L, which should be your lowest price. However, if you wish to price lower, that is up to you as an individual. We want you to at least break even. If you see pets for sale at a lower price, don’t be upset; you have an opportunity to buy something UNDER cost and flip it.

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