Foxtrot Breedables Bugs and Investigations

Hey everyone, we’re getting quite a few tickets about a few things we’ll try to clear up. We are currently investigating these issues:

  • Parents hanging on nesting objects/seeds and not creating a baby
  • Broken nests/seeds “No baby inside.”
  • Home objects not responding “TOO MANY LISTENS.”
  • Planters and gardens “WATERING” flowers but not assigning points.

We have been investigating these as separate incidents but what I think is happening is they are all the SAME sort of issue. After speaking with the scripter, we’ve opened a ticket with linden labs. The bottom line is this:

“the server is dropping open listens on some other condition, which is not documented. we believe we have a valid listen, but comms suddenly stop coming through. there is no status check for a listen, so we can’t even identify when this has happened, much less why. this has only begun recently, which would seem to point at a recent server upgrade, because our objects, working for many months, are suddenly exhibiting this behavior.”

so we’re hoping to get a better idea of what’s happening. We will keep you posted; if you have an open ticket, we will keep it open, and we will respond to each ticket holder individually to keep them appraised of how we will handle this. Thanks for your patience, guys!

UPDATE: we have had to close our ticket with SL and open a JIRA to talk to engineers. it is located here you can log in with your SL credentials and take a peek at the process


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