Foxtrot Holiday Gifts

Inflation is crazy, and we know that December is hard on everyone, you’re buying gifts for friends and family, and we want to make sure everyone can get a gift this season from Foxtrot.

Come down to our region FOXTROT and find our tree; below are 28 gifts! You don’t have to join the group or be a current breeder to get them. The boxes contain ALL current Foxtrot Starter kits, 10 EMPTY nesting/bundle objects for all breedables, 3 Garden/planters for the Green Garden, and four breeding pods of Sweet Peppermint pets.

Sweet Peppermint pets

Sweet Peppermints are not LEs, which means their coats pass; we have added Flames for the rooks, Wings for both horses and bun-E, and Horns for horses, bun-e, and Donkey so that as you pass these traits and gen up, you will start finding those other traits out there in the hopes to get your perfect pet made up 😀

I want to thank each of our breeders; you make this job so worth it to us; we love having you with us and can’t wait to start the new year off right! Let’s Kick 2022 to the curb and see what comes for us in 202! New year’s pet details are coming soon!

Thank you so much!

Sebastien, Raven, Red, Silence and Mumbles

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