Family Meeting Jan 12th, 2023

It’s been a great start to the year here at Foxtrot Breedables, and we’re so happy all of you are with us. We have a TON going on, and I want to ensure we’re all on the same page with things happening on and off the sim.

  1. New Year LEs end on the 14th this is your last 48ish hours to get those LE pets!
  2. Legacy Pet LE drops Change.
    • We will be discontinuing LEs for Legacy pets after the Valentine’s Holiday.
    • After the Valentine’s LEs end on the 14th of Feb, we will only release LE pets for Rooks, Wonkey Donkey, Highland Horse, and Bun-E Rabbit.
  3. Alpacas, the definitive update:
    • They’re coming! I am actively working on them (I have no ETA. We are expanding traits and making sure we are giving you the BEST product out of the gate)
    • Breeding window
      • Alpacas will breed for 60 days, after which they will retire. (60 days is the new STANDARD for all new pets in the future)
    • They will not eat, get sick, die, or run away. That’s a fundamental part of all our pets.
    • Starter Traits are currently Coat and Eye. This can and will expand into more traits for SL.
    • We plan to use the rezzing system we have made with Green Garden, where the pets rez out of an updatable home object.
    • They will have PET genetics and LE Drops!
    • Updates in pets. (Huge step forward for us) so that if something is amiss, you can update your pets, or if we need to add functionality, we can update your pets.
    • Generations are still a thing!
  4. All pet’s Breeding Change
    • When not pulling from parents and trait pulling is random, we’ve changed what pulls from where.
      • When your pet doesn’t follow its family tree and pulls something else, it will pull traits only within 5 Generations of the Gen you are on; if it doesn’t find something, it will keep searching. No horses randomly giving starter-ish coats when you’ve been working so hard; it will try to pull from its general generational zone. This is only when pulling a random trait out of the system. It will continue to favor the parents/grandparents when breeding, but if it decides to roll something else, we hope to roll more in favor of your hard work.
      • This change affects all PETS (Not Green Garden), Including LEGACY PETS.
      • This caused a bit of a breeding outage yesterday while we fixed some minor things, but I think we have everything installed, up and running, and we tried to do it with as little downtime as possible.
  5. Museums
    • We have moved the museum figures to their respective pet areas; this means if you wish to look through the horse museum to see a coat, you can go over to where the horse vendors are and flip through them; we think this will help with BACK AND FORTH and it will be nicer to breeders who only breed one or two pets.
  6. Contests
    • We will be running some new contests in the new year!
    • Photo contests will be coming soon, probably starting in Feb.
    • We will run two photo contests simultaneously, with rules coming soon.
      • Three winners will be picked from the photo groups.
      • Winners will win prizes.
      • Winners of the previous contest will judge the NEXT contest and cannot enter in the next month but can the month after.
      • We like to think a system like this keeps it FAIR, and the same people aren’t consistently winning all the time. Photos are judged Anonymously.
      • Rules for photo contests are coming soon. Keep your eyes and ears open!
  7. Utopia Skye Grid
    • Alpaca
      • They’re coming; you’re getting them too!
    • Home Objects
      • Since your pets are not databased, and their coats are HOUSED in your home objects, we are going to be making a change to home objects. They will be updatable, and when there is an update, your home object will tell you, and you will click it and get a new one. This will help us continue to add new coats (all those coats (bunny donkey and alpaca) and eyes(for alpaca) that second life gets you will get too with regular updates to your home objects.
Photos by Mousie Kenyon-Doge (Malia Kenyon)

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