Green Garden Update

We are going to make an update to most of the green garden planters.

These planters will need to be updated.

  • Pond Planter
  • Small Garden
  • Medium Garden
  • Large Garden
  • Grave Planter
  • Round Planter
  • Tiered Planter
  • Tall Planter
  • Sprinkler

Why are we updating?

That’s a great question! We are updating because some customers are not getting points when watering, we’re seeing some strange time dilation from Second Life, and we’re gonna increase the time it takes to send and receive points back from the server to make sure you are getting the correctly awarded points.

If you water your plants (attached to gardens, and their WATER DROPS go away, and you are not awarded points, the system will say, “I’ve heard of no plants that reported being watered, sorry.” it’s a way for you to know if you’re getting your points or not.

As a reminder, please ensure that if something goes wrong, you fill out a support ticket so we can serve you quickly and promptly. We appreciate your patience in this.

I know it’s hard not to see if you have points missing or not, so we will be awarding ALL green garden customers 1000 Compost points to make up for this infraction, it’s a lot of points to be missing, and we’re not sure how long this has been going on so we are trying to cover our bases and hit as many as we can and make sure you get something for the loss.

Gardens will be updated to version V22.039 if your garden doesn’t tell you it needs updating, please pick that garden up and re rez it on the ground, and wait for the prompt. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Sebastien and the Foxtrot Team.

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