October Timeline: Foxtrot Breedables


  • October 1st: Pretty Pumpkins starter kit release (Green Garden)
  • October 1st: October Green Garden Discovery!
    • Breed your Hollyhocks for a chance at a new Species!
  • October 15th-16th: FOXHUNT
    • your chance at free stuff! Hunt on the Foxtrot Sim to get some cool prizes and LE pets!
  • October 17th-31st: Halloween Pet LE drops!
  • October 28th: The Wedding of Sebastien and Raven on the main sim (Coral Rainbow).
  • November 1st: Magic Mushroom Release starter kit release (Green Garden)
  • November 19th-20th: Double Afterlife/Compost Point Weekend!

Utopia Skye Grid

  • October 15th-16th: FOXHUNT
    • Your chance at free stuff! Hunt on the main Foxtrot Sim to get some cool Prizes and LE pets!
  • October 17th-31st Halloween Donkey and Bun-E will be for Sale at the main sim (USG does not have DROP functionality so we’ll just set the pets for sale 100G$ Each)
  • November 1st: Wedding, Pride, and Mother’s Father’s day LES leave the grid for good never to be sold again!

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