Spoonful’s of Sugar Event + Updates

REMINDER! Spoonful’s of sugar opens this Saturday! Here is your preview of Green Garden Tropical Waters! We will see you bright and early! Help us raise money for Doctors without borders!

Green Garden supplies will be available at the EVENT with 50% of the proceeds going to charity. Meaning you’re still paying the same as you would on the main sim but half will go to support doctors in their worldly work! A great THING!

Reminder that the HIBISCUS TREE starter kit will only be available through the 18th AT the event afterwards it’s gone and you’ll have to find those hibiscus trees through the secondary sales market.

Saturday Also marks the End of the LE Celtic 2022 Drop, but not to worry once midnight hits The LE Birthday 2022s will start dropping! HAPPY BIRTHDAY FOXTROT! You’re Five years old.

Sebastien will be out of the office Wednesday Aug 31st – Sept 5th for a convention in Memphis, TN while He might be online during those days it will be infrequent and it will be to assist with customer tickets. Please use our support page, or use NOTECARDS because his IMs get CAPPED.

Thank you everyone so much from the bottoms of our hearts and up!
-Silence, Red, Raven, Eleanor, Charleigh, Scarlet, and Sebastien

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