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Hey all I’m Streex Foxtrot the Ceo of Foxtrot Breedables,

As I took ownership of the Cute n Cuddly Panda product (along with the other Cute n’ Cuddly properties), I promised to bring them into the Foxtrot family of products. I also promised to recreate live and unborn Pandas to original panda breeders.  We’ve worked to bring the original panda community into the Foxtrot group we’ve built together with all of you.  Our desire from the beginning of this endeavor has been to bring pandas back to breeders who loved them, and to introduce pandas to breeders that never met them before. This was done to Grow our community. 

Today, I am speaking to address an issue that has come to my attention and has left me deeply frustrated and angered. I have been made aware that rumors and notecards are circulating that erroneously identify Galaxy Littlepaws as the founder of Cute n’ Cuddly, thus confusing within our community. 

The initial source of the rumors may never be known.  The notecard being circulated would seem to have been created long ago.  But the lack of integrity of the individual I know to be spreading that notecard makes me doubt the content of the notecard itself.  Notecards, like chat logs, can be changed after their creation.  And the SecondLife environment gives us no way to track the history of the notecard or the data within.

But, I don’t even care about the initial source of these statements.  I will directly address the issues I am taking with what’s going on.  

  1. The person or people responsible for spreading this information are not doing it for the safety of our products or our breeders.  
  2. They are doing this with the specific intent of tearing apart the Foxtrot community, the Panda product line, and members of our staff.  
  3. The result of their actions helps nobody, and thus, appears to be a matter of intentionally trying to create drama.  
  4. The only possible reason for actions like these is to garner attention for themselves.
  5. Actions like these are the actions of a trouble maker, the actions of a person made happy only if they have a hand in destruction of the work or the reputations of others.

Let me make this perfectly clear: Galaxy Littlepaws is NOT the founder of Cute n’ Cuddly. While he was the second owner of this product, he no longer holds any ownership stake in the business. I am the SOLE owner of Foxtrot’s Cute n’ Cuddly.

It deeply troubles me that before our product has even been officially released, some within this community are engaging in aggressively malicious behavior. This is a betrayal of trust and a disservice to all those who have supported us thus far. The act of spreading false information undermines everything we have worked so tirelessly to achieve.This behavior is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

That I have to divert my attention from our productive endeavors to address this issue is utterly infuriating.  I am deeply disappointed by this blatant disregard for the truth and the attempted destruction of the reputations of Foxtrot and the Foxtrot staff.

I have spoken with an individual who has admitted to propagating this notecard and these rumors.  The same person told me of some of their alts.  They and their alts will be the first to experience how we’re going to handle this situation.

At this time, I am taking action in the best interest of Foxtrot and our community.  Considering the actions and statements from instigating parties, I have decided to act swiftly to set into policy a practice I hoped never to invoke.

Effective immediately:

  • Malicious rumors spread with the intent to disrupt the community and/or staff is unacceptable.
  • Anyone working to undermine the goals of Foxtrot, our staff or our breeders shall be subject to immediate consequences, up to and including bans from our community and regions. A ban means:
    • You will not see your CnC pets replaced, as your rights in that regard are forfeit.
    • Your rights to support related to Foxtrot products are forfeit.
    • You will not be welcomed in our community, we will work to actively remove you from all avenues of contact with the community This includes all groups and our discord. 
    • Your rights to access Foxtrot regions are forfeit.
    • Whether you acted out of malice or ignorance matters not.  If you caused or spread this issue, you are OUT
    • But if you think you’ll get anything from our company in the future, you’re sadly mistaken.
    • We are NOT “killing” or harming any of your existing Foxtrot objects.  Your rights to own/sell your existing objects remain fully intact. That is a guarantee of the Linden Labs TOS.
  • We consider those acting against the interest of Foxtrot to have already ostracized themselves from the community we work to support and encourage.  To that end, they will not benefit from any of our promises or goals.  Those who have already confessed their involvement are subject to these consequences. 

We’re fully aware that those with sufficient time and determination can use any number of alts and/or cohorts to try to continue pushing make-believe statements long enough and hard enough that they become fact in the minds of some.  We’re fully aware that we can’t identify all alts of an individual or group.  We’re fully aware that your “unpunished” alts will try to cajole us for not finding and punishing them.  But we’re also aware that this policy is simply helping us “weed our garden”.  Its on us to be caring stewards of the Foxtrot community and to continue looking for those weeds we still need to pull.

I want to reiterate my commitment to fostering a fair and inclusive community. However, I cannot overlook actions demonstrating a lack of respect for our team and values, and a desire to tear down what we’re trying so hard to build up.

It’s abundantly clear that the individuals responsible for spreading baseless rumors within our community have brought this situation upon themselves. Their actions have not only eroded trust but also jeopardized the integrity of our organization. Therefore, it’s imperative that I take swift action to implement a ban on their participation in Foxtrot Breedables, including our Cute n’ Cuddly property effective immediately. Moving forward, we must stress the importance of accountability and transparency within our community. We must encourage open communication and emphasize the necessity of addressing concerns directly, rather than trusting hearsay or spreading lies. 

To the new members of our community, I implore you to act with integrity and refrain from spreading baseless rumors. I implore you to turn your back on hearsay, turn your back on lies, and turn your back on those who would bring such destructive criticism to our community. 

Rumors only undermine the hard work and dedication of our team. They delay our progress and our work, and they take valuable time from you all. Time we could be using to educate, assist, and support you. 

As you are presented with rumors, notecards, whatever the medium may be, consider these questions:

  1. What is the reason you’re being provided this information?  
  2. Does it help your desire to breed Foxtrot pets?  
  3. Does it help your ability to enjoy those pets or the other breeders?  
  4. Does it disparage a person or entity without offering any sort of “help” at all?  

The statements made to me provided absolutely no benefits to Foxtrot or our breeders, and only provided reasons to doubt and question or detest products or people.  Determining the intent of the statements as soon as they’re expressed requires no effort at all.

I have been very open with this community since the acquisition of Cute n’ Cuddly. I refuse to dilute my feelings or this message over this issue. I have been nothing but transparent with all of you over a slew of different topics, even when I am wrong.  Especially when I am wrong. I firmly believe, in this case with these individuals, I am not wrong. I am well within my right to ban them for their actions.  They’ve demonstrated a disregard for us, earning the same consideration FROM us. 

Customers are absolutely free to say they don’t like the look of something, or how something works and are open to making suggestions for coats, features, new products, and more. We offer quick support, quick responses, the ability to offer constructive criticism, and compassionate products that don’t leverage your emotions.  But we offer that ONLY to those that are not engaged in destroying what we’re building.

However, when you baselessly attack my staff, you’ve crossed a line that should not be approached. You have sparked my ire, which is incredibly hard to do. I don’t enjoy banning people from Foxtrot, but when people try to tear down what we’re trying to build up, I’m left with no other choice. 

In all of this, I think its important to make a very clear point to everyone in our community.  We have undertaken the resurrection of a previously “all but dead” breedable.  We have made it part of our family of products.  And in this, we have worked to create the tools to help us recover, for you, your original pets.  We don’t know of any other breedable company that either accomplished or attempted a challenge of this scale.  Our detractors aren’t interested in any of this.  We are the good guys in this conversation, and we’re being talked about as if we’re the bad guys as if we’re negligent.  Honestly, that hurts.  Using the same critical reasoning we described earlier, we have questioned the motive behind this attack, and we’ve determined that our hurt was our first reaction.  This policy change is a way to mark this topic as done and over with.  It does NOT change our focus or our goals.

I promised you clarity and transparency.  I trust this is transparent enough.

In conclusion, let this serve as a warning to all: any further attempts to undermine our community will be met with swift and decisive action. I refuse to allow the integrity of Foxtrot to be compromised by the actions of a few individuals.

I want to thank everyone for taking the time to hear me out and consider what’s been said. 

Take care, be kind to each other, and be kind to yourself.

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